Friday, January 29, 2010

Pondering that Feeling of Emptiness

How do you get to live that magical feeling that comes across your body when you listen to certain music, or look at certain photos, or the both combined? That magical feeling of ultimate happiness. Is it something that truly exists, or is it something that too many years of watching television has tricked our minds into believing is a real thing? Do you ever wish that sometimes you could cue the perfect music for the appropriate situations, adding that greater feeling and meaning to the moment? We are told so often to slow down and enjoy life, but do the people who say that really believe that is possible? Life goes by so fast, if you slow down you might miss something. But if you go as fast as life will allow, how much do you miss because you were focused on going, going, going? Living in a world where your family comes second to your job isn't as wonderful as it's made out to be. Just think, we work 40 hours a week so we can afford a nice house that we only enjoy on the weekends and the few hours we have at the end of the day before cashing out for the night. With a typical persons commute, we spend 10-11 hours of our day in work related activities (for those of us with full time 8-5 jobs), and with lets say...7 hours of sleep every night. This gives us a remaining 7 hours that we have to get ready for work in the morning and bed at night, any extra sleep time so we can function during our awake hours, do laundry, clean house, make dinner, eat breakfast, play with our children, go to the doctor, visit loved ones, etc. We work so many hours to accrue such little time in sick or vacation leave. If we are late to work, or leave early, or use any time that we have not yet accrued, we are punished for it, when that time is generally extra we are spending with family or just living our lives "to the fullest". Our jobs keep us away from our families, yet we have them for the benefit of our families. Sometimes I wished I worked on a farm with my family, that way I'm earning my living yet I still have my family there for the majority of the day. They may not be right there next to me, but they are there and we are working together. And I know money can't buy happiness, but without it we are miserable. Sometimes I get so torn on what holds priority. And sometimes I know what holds priority, but our society keeps me from putting things in their correct place. But really…I just want to know the answer to my first question.

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