Saturday, January 30, 2010

Now Introducing

Everybody, I would like you to meet Smalls. He is an eight week old Black Lab who enjoys chewing, yelping, peeing and long walks on the beach. We picked him up and brought him home last night. Since Kyle and Vada have been off skiing all day today, I have had the pleasure of hanging with him and Broden...oh, and Angel and our guest Krystal...all day. Around 11 this morning I thought it would be a good idea to run by Petsmart to pick up a few things to make him feel more at home. Yes, just me, a baby, and the wee little puppy. Alright, lay off, I thought it sounded like a good idea. So, we get there after a 15 minute ride in where the last 10 minutes consisted of a baby crying and me trying to restrain a puppy to only the front seat. When we pulled into the parking lot, I thought, "Whooo, that's over." Oh boy. The store went pretty well for the most part, until we got into the check out line. That's when Broden started screaming, the dog sat in his own puddle of pee on the floor, and I'm trying to calm the baby, move the dog, get my credit card out, tell the cashier that I would like to purchase a dog tag, and say thank you to the 15 people who are telling me how cute the puppy is. Two commenting on how cute Broden is. But, wait, it doesn't end there. I then have to work my way over to the tag etching machine, enter all of the information as fast as I can and pray it doesn't freeze on me. All the while, the puppy is yelping like mad, and Broden is pissed! The tag drops, I grab it as fast as I can and I'm out the door lickety to the split. I charge through the parking lot, put Smalls in the front seat and strap Broden into his car seat (still screaming). Now I just have to put the stroller in the trunk and drive out of there like I'm a star in The Dukes of Hazard. Only problem is, I think we've used the stroller only once before, and thats it. You're thinking: So? So this: I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO FOLD IT UP! I tried the lever I thought it was. No luck. I tried it a few more times thinking maybe it was just moody the first time. Nothing. I'm looking all over it for directions. Nowhere to be found. After about 5 minutes of this nonsense I am contemplating leaving the thing inside the store and telling them I will be back for it later, when I have my husband with me to figure the thing out. That, or calling my mom crying and asking her to come help me. Just as these thoughts were crossing my mind, I found the lever I was supposed to be pulling on. It folds up, I throw it my trunk, I get in the car (Broden is still ticked), put the dog on my lap and put the car in drive. Two minutes later both babies fall asleep and I'm thinking: OMG! Ahh...calm. Then Smalls let's out the most rank Puppy SBD ever recorded in puppy history. That was the cherry on top.


Judy said...

This made me laugh so hard...only because I can totally relate. And I love the puppy's name! You're killing me Smalls!

I'm glad you survived without having to call for backup!

Alexpie said...

Judy - Vada picked out the name for the very reason of being able to say that when he messes in the house. I love her thinking. It's come in handy the past couple days.