Friday, January 8, 2010

A Belated "Hello!" to 2010

Yes, I inadvertently lied to you. I never made another New Year post on the 31st. I have failed you, and I plan on making it up to you in any way possible. NO! I WILL NOT DO THAT! I’m not that kind of girl.

New Year’s Eve was nice and clean for the McClelland family. We went to some friend’s house for a potluck dinner in which way too much food was made for the amount of people present. We played a couple games of Five Crowns (I’m warning you now, it’s addicting) and one game of Pictionary that lasted FOREVER…FOREVER…FOREVER. And for someone who was planning on taking the kids home at 9 because she was still insanely exhausted from all of the xmas mumbo jumbo, I think I did fairly well at keeping myself under control once The Tired set in around 11. Mrs. Mary Dalke, and maybe a few others, might disagree though. At one point in the game she was attempting to get us to say something along the lines of “millionaire”. She began drawing a hand with what she says was a giant diamond on the middle finger. But let me just tell you, she had the middle finger longer than all the others and just kept tapping the dot she drew that was supposed to be the diamond. It just came out, and I really don’t think it’s bad in the least: A GIRL FLIPPING SOMEONE OFF! But, oh boy, she looked right at me and said, “You need to repent!” Haha! I couldn’t stop laughing. And there were a few points throughout the game when my mom’s gut reaction took over and she would just backhand me right in the arm, or just full on punch it. That’s the last time I sit next to her when playing intense board games. INTENSE!

Broden just recently went to the doctor for his regularly scheduled programming…I mean check up. He is now a dense 14 pounds 4 ounces. Dense comes straight from the doctors mouth. According to the doc, Broden is pretty much ahead of the game. He took to eating cereal with a spoon like he was doing it in the womb, and apparently that means he’s a brainiac who will only get smarter because eating from the spoon enhances neurological development. That’s right, Vada is going to be a “brain doctor” and Broden will follow that up by being a rocket scientist. I’m going to have a good retirement. Back to Broden: since his skin is only a thin piece of velum the doctor was pretty adamant that I not let him sunbathe on the beaches of Lake Tahoe. 15 minutes of sun exposure a day, for the vitamin D, and then it’s on with the sun block and straw farmers hat.

Vada is having school withdrawals. She misses school work and friends (she IS my daughter!). Her birthday party is coming up here in about a week, and I feel sorry for her best friend. Once she walks through that door it’s going to be a hug attack. And as of last night, Vada is fully prepped for the Junior Ski Program. She is going to rip it up!

Something too cute that I just can’t go without posting: This morning, Vada wasn’t feeling too hot in the tummy area so she requested we bring a bowl along for the 4 minute ride to my parent’s house…just incase. When we got there and my dad asked about the bowl, I filled him in. He says: Oh, her kupe bowl. And that’s when he reminded me of one of Vada’s cute toddler mispronunciations. When she was a wee little girl and her tummy was not treating her right she would request The Kupe Bowl. I’m pretty sure that the first time she said it we all giggled and made her repeat herself one hundred twelve times. Oh man, I almost forgot about that. Thank you dad for remembering the important stuff.

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