Friday, December 11, 2009

Blogging Promises

It seems that no matter how often or to what extent I promise myself that I will blog more, it just doesn't happen. The life of a full time working mother with 2 children (one of which still wakes up once throughout the night to eat) and a husband (which is the equivalent of 2 additional kids) and a to do list the length of a roll of toilet paper is crazy. And while breaking a promise to an almost-seven-year-old just can't be done, promises to myself hold no importance.

Thanksgiving came and went, and it was a good one. My moms cooking rocked. We made the ham, which I'm pretty sure is breaking some kind of pilgrim law, but Kyle was adamant. My cousin Taylor came from Arizona to hang out with us on this awesome holiday filled with food. I was sad when she had to head back home.

Kyle and I braved a couple stores at 6am on Black Friday. We were both virgins to this. We get to Home Depot at 6am to purchase some new appliances that minutes later we realized had been on sale for almost a FULL WEEK with no additional off for a special day like Black Friday. That was frustrating. But then we skipped on over to Kohl's and the money we saved there was worth waking up at 5:30 in the morning after stuffing your face with turkey and pie the day before. We only stood in line about 45 MINUTES!! They were not organized the way I heard some stores were, but like I said, the savings was somewhat worth it.

We had our first snow this Monday. And while everyone was silently cursing to themselves about the amount of snow we received, all of the white everywhere puts a bit of a magical feeling inside of you. Well, until you get your car stuck in the snow sideways in the street and no amount of rocking back and forth between drive and reverse will get it to budge. Then all magical feelings leave your body and rage fills that gap and you are no longer silently cursing to are now saying it as clear as a sunny day. Thank goodness for man power, literally.

Vada had her xmas program on Wednesday. She is so adorable. While she is anti-dresses-and-anything-pink-or-purple, she was excited to get a little dressed up. And yes, as with most other girls, this reason was because of a boy, who shall remain unnamed. After getting herself all nice and pretty, she looks at herself in the mirror and says: "Boy-who-shall-remained-unnamed is going to be blown away." Oh my, not already!! Then on the drive to school she is explaining to me why a certain teacher of mathematics is not her favorite. "She's always telling me that I'm going to have to stay in for recess if I don't quit going ahead of the class. (aggravated sign) I can't help it if I'm smarter than all of the other kids in the class!" That night, as I was helping Kyle install our new lights and Vada was supposed to be getting ready for bed, I feel a tap on my back. As I turn around Vada very politely says: "Mom, could you please spare a minute to help me get my pj's on?" Then I'm thinking: where does she come up with this stuff?

Broden giggled for the first time the other day. That's right, no mistaking it. It was a full on giggle because he thought something was funny. Unfortunately it was for Kyle and not for me, and I couldn't get him to giggle to save my life for at least 3 days after that. What's with that!?! I'm supposed to be his favorite! I picked him up on Tuesday night and I could swear the boy gained 5 lbs since that morning. He is getting so big so fast. He likes to talk more and more and has started reaching out and grabbing his toys. He still hates being left on his back unless you are playing with him. One more week and we will be seeing how he likes the taste of rice cereal.

And here is just a really cool picture that I took a couple weeks ago. Geese are not ones to break any laws. They remained in the crosswalk the entire time.

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