Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Man oh man. I can't believe how hard it is to find time to blog after a new baby enters your life. Just about every day I wake up thinking: Today, I will blog. And every afternoon I find myself saying: Nah, I'd rather just sit here and stare at my beautiful son for an hour instead. Soon it will be back to work with me and I don't want to spend my spare time kicking myself in the face for not breathing him in every second I had while I was on maternity leave.


Today is so beautiful. Clouds in the sky, rain lightly pattering on the roof...I love days like these. I woke up with full intentions of going to the grocery store, Home Depot, and Kohl's. I only made it to the grocery store. I actually wasn't really in the mood to go to any of those places, so I was somewhat relieved when Broden demanded that we go home. Although, I could have waited for him to put his foot down on the matter till we got to the checkout stand at Scolari's. Instead, he began his crying about 2 minutes after we walked into the store. Whoever monitors the security cameras must have had fun witnessing me race down the isles as if I was on one of those grocery game shows. What really irritated me was that one of the clerks decided to stop me mid-run to tell me to blow in his face to make his hiccups go away. Um, thanks for the advice, but he doesn't have the hiccups. I tried to tell her that his tummy hurt, but she insisted that she could hear his hiccups. That's when I decided to go into further detail about how he's gone about 4 days without pooping and he's finally getting it out, and how I can only imagine how much it hurts to have days worth of poop stuck in your bowels. Okay, I said it a little nicer than that, but I wanted to spit in the woman's face and continue my mad dash for the check out stand while she was wiping her face with her fishy smelling apron. On top of that the check out gal starts putting the bags in my cart and notices that I forgot to pay for the garlic. Come on! Can you please just ignore it and let me walk out with a 48 cent head of garlic so I can get my screaming son home!?! No, instead I have to pull out my wallet and do the whole card swiping thing and so on ALL OVER AGAIN. Hello?! You must obviously not be a mother, or else you would know how torturous it is to hear your child scream because they don't feel good and would just let the 48 cent garlic slip on by. Arg!

When he's not wrapped in my arms, he sleeps best either on his tummy or on his side with a blanket rolled up under his head.

Anyway, he's better now. Sleeping soundly on my bed after a diaper change and a soothing feeding. His little cold is lingering just a bit, but I have put my temptation to suck out his boogies at bay. Vada's cold is lingering as well. Her cough will not stay away, but the fact that she can't sit still for more than 5 minutes (unless iCarly is on) doesn't really help it either.

Does anybody want an albino sheltie that goes by the name of Angel...or Nitwit? I swear, I am so close to taking that dog back to the shelter. If it weren't for the tears that Vada would shed if I did such a thing, it would've been done already. That dog has already puked on our new carpet 3 times. She barks at EVERYTHING. And if my cell phone starts to ring, she makes it a point to stay right at my feet the whole time I'm trying to rush to answer it before the voicemail picks it up. She can really get my blood boiling.

Kody's B-day Present - needs a little work


Living Room cut-out

Our house is coming along little by little. Kyle, with the help of his brother, got the backyard looking 10 times better than it did. And with Dennis' help he removed the fireplace and opened up the wall so our TV will actually fit in the living room. I finally got around to hanging some pictures a few days ago, and everything that was swallowing our table whole is finally put away. Kody's party was the big motivator in getting so much done, and I think his Sweet 16 turned out pretty well.

Grandma comes in on Saturday! Yay!!! It'll be the first time she's seen Broden...in person. We can hardly stand the wait.

Broden was inside napping

Last month we took a trip to Arkansas to visit my Grandpa. That's right, Broden went on his very first airplane ride, and was no less than perfect. While there we had a family reunion in Missouri and took a few hours out of one of our days to visit Graceland. I had a nice time, but was more than ready to come home. Broden was as good as usual, but for some reason I felt so drained traveling with him and staying in a house that wasn't mine. I would like to make that trip again sometime, when he's a little older. Vada was spoiled on that trip. She came home addicted Hershey's candy bars and a backpack full of stuff I didn't pack for the trip there. She was glad to be home too.
Until next time, which could be a while.

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