Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now I Know

Vada brushing Broden's gums for the first time

That's right. Now I know what everyone meant when they said that having a second child feels like more than double the work. I heard it said, but didn't quite know what "more than double the work" would be. It's tough stuff. And I can't imagine how much harder it would be if Vada was the jealous type. I'm so glad that she loves her little brother and enjoys helping out. By the way, she says that he is so cute that she could just eat him, and she thinks he smells like cinnamon.
Oh yes, and then put moving into a new house in the mix. I am so exhausted. Just when you get a few boxes unpacked and put away, more magically appear in their place. I wonder to myself how we fit so much stuff into our apartment, because we hardly have room for everything in our house!

This morning I bid farewell to Vada as she heads to Arkansas with my dad and sister. And let me tell you, it was not your usual "goodbye honey, I'm going to miss you". By the events that took place before blowing her kisses at the airport, she KNOWS that I love her. It all started last night when we went out for a sushi dinner. Vada wanted shrimp, so we ordered her a Crystal Shrimp Roll. Not what she expected, but she ate a good 4-5 pieces. At bed time, she kept complaining that her stomach hurt, but I just assumed it was gas, because earlier she had let out a pretty rancid toot according to Kyle. Well, this morning, ten minutes away from walking out the door, she goes running into our bathroom and tosses her cookies all over the floor. She literally thought it was her cookies: "That's the oreos I ate yesterday." After successfully cleaning up the mess, Kyle confirmed that it was not oreos, but seaweed. That's right, Vada is not a sushi person. We found out the hard way.

Oh, but the story doesn't end there. No, no, no. We get to my dad's house and she begins saying that her tummy is hurting again. I give her a chewable Pepto-bismal, she lets out a toot, and her tummy is feeling better again. Less than 3 minutes away from the airport parking garage, she calmly asks, "Did you guys bring barf bags?" My dad and I both reassure her that they will have bags for that on the plane. Vada: "WELL THEN HURRY!" Her hands slap against her tightly closed lips as her cheeks begin to puff out. I look around desperately for a container for about 5 seconds before I did all I knew how to do, cup my own hands and place them under her mouth. That's when the volcano burst. My hands were full and it just kept coming. We did pretty good though. Her cookies were only on her clothes, her blanket, me (from hands to elbows), and thank goodness Broden's car seat visor was up, or else it would have been on him too. And that my friends is how Vada KNOWS I love her. Really, she said so.

P.S. She was quite proud of herself for missing the carpet at home and the upholstery in the truck.

Broden has had his fair share of tummy aches the past couple days too. Out of nowhere he will begin screaming. And I mean screaming. And he will keep it up till he either toots or burps. It is so upsetting. Last night it took him forever to get it out. I began checking his clothes for a bug, thinking that his cry sounded so painful that a bug had to be biting him instead. Nope. He tooted and it was over. My peaceful sleeping baby returned.

And let me tell you, he gets more and more personality every day. He is holding his head up a bit longer each day. He does not like to be laid on his back. He stays awake for about 20-40 minutes after eating, then he likes his pacifier to suck on while he falls asleep. He hates being cold. And he is fascinated with the dragonfly on his play mat. He has started to speak little baby gibberish. He goo's like crazy at the dragonfly, and will gibber-jabber and smile at me when I talk baby talk to him. I know, adults speaking baby talk, is there anything more revolting?!

Kyle remains to be one of the busiest people on the face of the earth. If his plate isn't overflowing with things to do, I think he would die. He has about 20 house projects going all at once, work has him whipped, and church will forever be his baby in which he will do anything for. Hopefully he'll slow down one of these days.

As for me, I can't wait to find a few spare minutes to scrapbook, or have time to read my book other than while I'm on the toilet. But, hey, I'm not going to complain, because I'm pretty happy. Tired, but happy.

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Blessed Boutchers said...

Hilarious! I think back to before I was a Mommy and would never have imagined what I would do for my child. Just a note...the only time I ever read is still on the toilet. Don't get you hopes up of that changing anytime soon.