Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home...Sooner or Later

I am technically 31 1/2 weeks along now. Just now getting to the point where I'm done being a huge whale. No matter what anyone says, I do not feel cute. I have kankles for the majority of the day, my tummy skin feels as if it could rip open at any second, and I've developed the prego walk. I can't imagine that being a pretty sight for anyone.

Meanwhile, when not fighting the urge to eat something salty or sweet, the hub and I have been house hunting. That's right, we're looking to be first time home owners. And I'm fairly positive we've found the perfect one. We placed the offer on Thursday and received notice on Friday that the seller accepted. Being that it's a short sale, we're now just playing the waiting game with the bank. It could be anywhere from 30 days to 4 months. Hey, I'm okay with that. So long as we eventually get the house.
More house pics:

Living Room

Dining Room
Backyard (right)
Hall Bath
Kids Room

Of course, some changes need to be made. The first is fresh paint on all walls. Second, all new flooring (bedrooms: carpet, bathrooms: tile, everything else: bamboo). After those are complete, we'll have to refer to our not-yet-created-prioritized-to-do-list.


Calamity Jane said...

ah babes, I'llbe rooting for oyu guys! it's a cute place!

Katarina said...

Such a cute belly you have there! I miss being pregnant! So cute you may not think so but you will later! Ill be praying ya get that house! The baby is coming so soon! Congrats on everything sunshine!