Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 28

I need to clean this mirror.
That's right, 28 weeks down and approximately 12 more to go. I know what some of you are thinking: 'Holy cow! 28 weeks? She looks more like she's at 48 weeks!' It's okay, I hear it all of the time. Or: 'Oh, well then you must be having twins...?' No folks, there is only one bun in my oven, and though my doctor assures me that I am at average size for how far along I am, I still secretly fear that I am going to be pushing out a 12 pounder. I think I would prefer being surprised with twins rather than having to push a mini giant out of my kooter. That's just me though.

I still have yet to experience a craving that lasts more than just a couple weeks. My latest is Silk Chocolate Soy Milk. I can't get enough of it. And trust me, the scale is not shy about letting me know. As of yesterday I have gained a monstrous 22 lbs since prepregnancy. And to think that I still have 12 weeks left to gain even more makes me nauseous.

Now let's talk about nerves. Things that once used to just roll off of my shoulder with next to no notice drive me INSANE now. I swear, if one more cabinet door gets left open I may just have a hemorrhage of the brain. Just the mere thought of someone passing gas makes me want to gag, even if it's coming out of my own hind end. And don't even begin to think that you can boss me or my family around because I can make your world crumble before you even realize what's happening. These, among a few other things, may have been present within me before my body was invaded by this new spawn of mine, but let me tell you, they are nothing to mess with now. There, you have had your warning.

Grad Party!

In other non-baby related news: Kyle is an official graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno as of May 16th. As much as he has wanted this day to come, I believe he is scared out of his mind not to have school take up more than 50% of his life. Oh wait, no, that was just food poisoning. He has been applying for jobs here, there and everywhere like a 9 year old little boy with ADD who forgot to take his Ritalin. He currently has an interview set up for next Wednesday. If God isn't annoyed with my prayers about Kyle's job search by now, he will be very soon. The clock is ticking and every time it does my anxiety heightens a few centimeters. If we're still this much in limbo by the time my water breaks, everybody in the delivery room better brace themselves.

Progeny #1 you ask? She is as wonderful as ever. She is the one that turns my bad days into better ones. Yes, she can frustrate me when she takes her blessed time to get ready when we have only 10 minutes till go time and she still has to brush her teeth, comb her hair, and get her shoes on, but she makes me realize the important things in life. She has not said one negative thing about having a little brother. In fact, she has voiced how excited she is to wake up in the middle of the night to give him a bottle (if only). She cannot wait to share her room with him, and has informed me that I need to make sure I have a stool in their room at all times so she can reach everything she will need to help take care of him.

In her lunch box EVERYDAY - by her request

More about the latest on Vada:

  • No longer likes jelly and is on a peanut butter and banana sandwich kick.
  • Graduates kindergarten on May 28th and will be an official first grader on July 27th.
  • Still wants a cat.
  • Would like to change her name in first grade to just V (not happening).
  • Wants to be a paleontologist as well as a brain surgeon, preacher, and circus performer.
  • Loves the Junie B. Jones books.
  • Lost her seventh tooth last week.
  • Is at that age when nothing is ever fair.

Lastly, I have been wearing my brain down thinking of design ideas for our living quarters. I am desperately hoping that we will not be in our apartment for much longer, which can make the daydreaming about sprucing up our habitat a little difficult. I had an awful scare at the end of last week when I discovered Anthropologie no longer carried the duvet cover I yearned for, but was relieved yesterday when I stumbled upon one just like it online at West Elm. You have no idea how happy my heart was. We will attempt to sell Vada's daybed in the garage sale at my parents house this weekend (she doesn't like feeling as if she's in a 3 sided cage, and I hate the chore of putting clean sheets on it), which means her new set up will need to be purchased soon. We will need to get a move on with painting the baby's crib and figuring out where in the world we are supposed to put it if we are still living in our dungeon of an apartment. Hey, Vada doesn't need a bed...right? We can just throw some blankets on the floor next to Broden's crib and hopefully she doesn't develop some sort of complex or hatred towards her new sibling. Sounds terrific. I understand why people usually buy the house first. It's all making sense now.

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Jasmine said...

People always asked me if I was carrying twins when I was pregnant.... it took all I had not to curse at them (that was when I was 28wks along! haha).