Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Rundown and the Definition of a Wooble

Why hello again! I hope you all had a delightful weekend. Mine was nothing to complain about. Friday night Kyle and I went to an honors dinner at his school while Vada spent the night at Grandma Joni’s house. The dinner wasn’t as dreadful as I thought it would be. The keynote speaker was actually interesting to listen to. After the awards ceremony was over, Kyle spoke with Tom at SNC about applying for a position opening soon. Please pray that Kyle gets a decent job that can support all of us AND is something that he enjoys doing. It would be very much appreciated. Anywho, after chit chatting with a bunch of his other classmates, we jumped on over to the theatre to see “I Love You, Man”. It had me laughing, which I enjoyed.

Saturday was a day full of clearing clutter, playing the longest game of Uno ever with Vada, a little catnap, and watching Twilight with our friend Edina. It was nice, and didn’t end too quickly. After church and Shawna’s baby shower (which was super cute btw, but SUPER crowded) Vada and I went back home to scrapbook a little. I only completed one page since we didn’t have a ton of time and I was also trying to help Vada, but she finished about 4. I have introduced her to her new love: ribbon. That girl was going ribbon crazy!
I just finished a mini shopping spree for the baby that began yesterday afternoon. I feel almost sick to my stomach with the amount of money I have spent on so few items. Yesterday I went by Babies R Us to return a diaper bag that I bought a couple weeks ago and used my 15% off coupon to buy a cradle pad for the baby’s cradle. It still came out to about $17-something! Sheesh, pretty pricey for thin padding wrapped in plastic. The annoying part: they didn’t even sell sheets to fit it. Every sheet was going to be too short in either length or width. I'll have to figure something else out.

Then I bought the cutest little tin globe on that70sshoppe.etsy.com. I bought it more for Vada, but I guess they could share it as the baby gets older. I’ve wanted to buy her a globe for a long time, but I am mucho picky. I hate globes with plastic stands or any gold coloring on them. That ruled out a lot. Globes that I would come across that I could tolerate were WAY too expensive. When I saw this one I knew I couldn’t let it get away. It came to about $32 after shipping was added. My heart stopped as I pushed the “Pay Now” button, but I know that after my long search, it was worth it.

I also ordered two of what we like to call Goobies from fuzzheadstudio.etsy.com. They very much resemble Vada’s Woobles bedspread (the story behind that one later), so I knew they were a must. Each was handmade and cost $14.99 with only $1.50 shipping for both. I was only going to buy the one-eyed gooby for the baby, but I started thinking: Vada would probably love one too. It wasn’t until after I ordered it that it dawned on me that Vada is going through an anti-purple, as well as pink, stage. Hopefully she still liked it. If not, I guess we could always give it to my niece Addison.
I ordered the coolest diaper bag ever through Amazon! Only $6.00 more than the one I returned to Babies R Us yesterday, this super rockin’ camo bag is all too perfect to carry around Broden’s stuff. Now if only they would make cooler boy clothes instead of super cutesy ones.

The last thing I splurged on: a baby album for my little dude, including some extra page protectors. It’s a 12x12, 3-ring album that allows me to decorate the cover myself. I want to say, after shipping and tax, it was a little over $30. So, yah, add all that up and you will see why I’m feeling some guilt set in. I still have to buy everything to refinish Broden’s crib, make his comforter, and fill up Vada’s Spring/Easter basket. Ugh.

And now for the story behind the Woobles. Vada has had her “Woobles” comforter for quite some time now. I bought it from Ikea when we were still living in Arizona. It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that Vada started having a hard time getting to sleep at night because of her fear that spiders might crawl into her bed after she falls asleep. I sprayed her room with bug killing spray, but that still didn’t soothe her. That’s when I made up the story behind the “Woobles” (and I must admit, I was pretty excited about my ability to come up with such a cool name for those creatures in less than a second). Woobles, after you fall asleep, come alive and eat any sort of insect that makes the slightest gesture towards you. This appeased her. Then the next night she asked what happens if an alligator tries to eat you, because the Woobles are so small. Well, of course they team up together and eat the entire alligator. They are super protectors of humans and nothing can stop them. Hopefully having a Gooby, which I will explain are cousins of the Woobles, stuffed toy will make it possible to spend the night at others houses without having to lug the Woobles comforter with us. And that my friends is the story behind our Woobles.

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