Monday, April 20, 2009


are wonderful aren't they? Vada just started back to school after a week of Spring Break. I think she had a bucket full of fun. First we went to San Diego with my mom and grandmother. After being back in Reno for a few days she head off to California once again with my parents for a fun time at the Great America theme park. Man, she was zonked! She slept until 7 this morning! That's amazing because she usually wakes up around 5:45-6 on the weekdays.

Puttin' the Top Down

Seaworld Ride - Basketball Face

San Diego: Saturday 04/11 - Tuesday 04/14
Grandmom rented a red convertible Mustang (I think convertibles are an addiction of hers-ha!) and we spent our days there in Seaworld, walking along the boardwalk, swimming in the hotels pool, thrift store shopping, etc. BTW, I found the most amazing bag at Goodwill. Of course, I forgot to take a pic of it, but I will post it soon, along with more growing belly pics. It was awful to go our separate ways at the airport on Tuesday. I think we all got a little tear in our eye. Vada was very adamant that Kyle find a job in Arizona and not accept one in any other state. I had to try to explain today's economy to a 6 year old.
Reno: Wednesday 04/15-Friday 04/17
While I had to get back to the grind, Vada spent those days with my dad, brother and sister. Friday she had lunch with all of her karate instructors, in which she revealed information embarrassing enough to where I just may blush the next time I walk in there. And while Vada took off for California, I got my hair cut. I'm loving my new bangs! They cover my gross forehead. Thank you pregnancy hormones.

California/Reno: Saturday 04/18-Sunday 04/19
Vada spent Saturday at Great America. She had so much fun, and bought both Kyle and I light-up pens. It looks like a strobe light when I write with it! :) Sunday was Kyles birthday. That's right folks, he's growing up. I can't believe he's 23 already (tear). Haha.

While Vada was hangin' with the folks, I seized the opportunity to scrapbook, pack up some of the stuff that's just collecting dust and taking up precious space, and clean, clean, clean. Okay, well, I didn't get much cleaning done, but I did do lots of laundry, dishes, and de-cluttering. The weather was amazing so I was able to open up the windows in the apartment and let LOTS of fresh air in. So rejuvenating.
Vada asked when the next holiday was coming up so that she could get a cell phone. WHAT!?! I told her the next gift-giving holiday was Christmas, and Kyle informed her that the only Christmas that she would be receiving a cell phone is 10 years from now. Sheesh, the girl is only 6! She said she only wants one so that way she could carry around pictures of Angel with her everywhere. Hmm, I'm thinking one of those wallet inserts. How about you? What's crazy: I really do know parents who have given their 6 year olds a cell phone!

Oh, really quick, I have officially rented out a "shelter" (as Parks and Rec. likes to call it) for Kyles graduation party. That's right folks, Kyle graduates with his BA in less than a month!!! Woohoo! Back to the whole renting ordeal: our apartment is WAY too small to have a ton of people over, and has practically no parking. I had called around to several different places only to hear the words "It's already been reserved" over and over again. I was pretty stoked to hear this one was available (Northgate). And for only $75 for the whole day! The place I originally wanted was going to cost $75 an HOUR on top of a $500 refundable deposit, and only one BBQ grill. Ya, I just about had a heart attack too. And apparently someone was paying that dough seeing that it was already reserved. Have at it my friend. So anyways, invites will be sent out soon. Just make sure you save the date: May 16th!

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