Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week 17

Alright folks, there it is. The prego belly at 17 weeks exactly. I actually tried to suck in a little so it didn't look so big, but it didn't help a bit. The downer for me: my love handles get bigger along with the belly. Bleck.
I had a dream last night that the baby was about 8 months old and our little family went on a trip out of town, and for some reason an old friend of mine tagged along. Well, I figure out they (Kyle and my friend) are having an affair, but they don't know I am aware. We are all eating at a restaurant and my friend (which by the way is a person I haven't talked to since the eighth grade or something like that - strange) keeps tickling the bottom of the babies feet. The baby is NOT liking it and keeps saying in a tiny voice that is WAY too big for an 8 month old (obviously), "Knock it off." She did it a few more times and the baby finally yelled, "KNOCK IT OFF, OR I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Hahaha. I thought it was the funniest thing, in my dream and when I woke up! Man, I already know that this baby is going to be cool.
With 23 more weeks to go, I couldn't be more excited about that day when I get to hold "it" in my arms. But I think I'm more excited for the 31st, when we get to quit calling the baby an "it" and are able to refer to "it" as a boy or a girl.
Vada informed me this morning that she is actually thinking that she wants a sister now instead of a brother. I'll be happy with either, and I really don't have that feeling of knowing the gender that some women proclaim to have. I tend to say "he" every time I talk about "it", but when I'm thinking decor I tend to lean toward girlie stuff. I'm trying to stay neutral though, at least for now.
And of course I have thought about names, but once again, not knowing if the baby is a boy or girl is pretty tough. I don't want to get hooked on one name and then having it not work because it's to girlie for a boy or vice-versa. Here are a few names I like: Madden (boy), Anber-Lynn (girl), Wendy (girl), Ella (girl), Brogen (boy), Jakob (boy), Allie (girl - actually, this is the name Vada likes, but I don't mind it), Klaus (boy). Let me know what you think. I had a few more written down in my planner that I have misplaced, and my pregnant mind can't remember most of them.

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Dad said...

Of course whatever you decide the baby's name will be will be fine by me. I just need you to hurry up, stop hogging the baby and send the baby out...I don't want to miss out on taking the baby to the Reno Ace's inaugural baseball season! Ha! Ha!