Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Can Order Me a Pizza

This weekend, Vada had her first play date at our apartment. She was SO excited. She's been asking for a while now but the schedules of the parents (including mine) have been so conflicting. Thank you Grace for being Vada's first play date-mate!
We had worked it out Friday evening that Grace would be dropped of at noon and then picked up around 3. Starting around 7am Vada had already started asking when Grace was going to get there. She asked if I would notify her every time an hour went by. Talk about anticipation! We tried everything we could to make the time fly by, even playing cowgirl, but it didn't help much.
When we finally got the call from Grace's mom that they were here Vada was out the door before I could say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". I had intended on making quesadillas for lunch, which her mom told me she loves, but she threw me for a loop. "No, I don't like those." Okay. "Well, I could make spaghetti, PB&J, Chicken Noodle Soup...?" Grace: "No, I don't like any of that either." Me: "Okay, what do you like?" Vada: "I want a PB&J." Grace: "You can just order a pizza for me." Uh, okay. (ha, ha) Good thing Kyle had a bachelors night the night before and had bought some pizza rolls as his dinner. I threw some of those in the microwave and she was pleased. Yay! After lunch the girls played with puzzles, clay, went to the park, watched Robots (by Grace's request), played Cooties and "The Boyfriends Game" - in which they each pretend to have boyfriends that are throwing them a surprise birthday party. They were both pretty disappointed when Grace had to go home, but hopefully we will have more fun Saturdays like that to come.

In other news: after much antique shop surfing and many high prices, I finally found a scale that I am pleased with. It's not really an antique, but it does the job...and it was only $7.59! Um, ya, can't really beat that. Then I received an email Monday morning from Kyle's aunt saying that she is getting rid of an antique (or just old) three drawer dresser because she no longer has the room for it. Of course I'll take it! I've never seen it, but you can't really beat FREE either. We go to pick it up on Sunday afternoon. I'll be sure to post some pics of it.

My mom thought this one looked too much like an artichoke.

On Friday I found the cutest fabric maybes for the babies bedding at Ink and Spindle. My mom only likes the antique keys print. The crummy thing is that when I went online today to take another gander at what else they had in stock, ALL OF THOSE PRINTS WERE GONE!! Man, the search for this baby bedding fabric is going to drive me insane. Maybe I should just wait till we find out if it's a boy or girl and then it'll be a little easier. I wont have to try so hard to find things that are gender neutral.

More belly pics to be posted soon. I'm such a slacker. Actually, I'm just plain forgetful. I don't remember Vada sucking out all of my brain cells like this little one is.

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