Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's My Creation!

Today started out like a normal Wednesday morning until we pulled up to Vada's school this morning. I thought it was rather weird that there were no cars in the parking lot. Hmm, was today a holiday? Nope, the maintenance man informed me that school had been delayed due to the weather. I thought that was rather funny since we've had worse snow/ice on the ground and they never decided to enforce a delay those times, but hey, who's complaining? We went back home for about an hour. Vada played her new Leapster game while I took that extra time to snap some photos of some of my latest scrapbook creations. Then we read one of her new books, I Can Read!: Marley and Me. 5 min. to 9 we left for school. It was a mad house, but it was nice to be able to chat with parents that I normally don't get to see unless there is a special function. Then, on my way to work, after a little Billy Idol, Weird Science came onto the radio! How awesome is that?! I was totally psyched. It convinced me that today was going to be a decent day. So far, so good. And the fact that the work week is officially halfway over is enough to smile about.

I really need a 12x12 printer/scanner.

This weekend: Vada and I get out hair cut on Friday. I'm debating on touching up the dye job. I think I may wait till the next appointment. Save a little money. Kyle keeps thinking we have plans for Saturday, but nothing is popping into my ditsy-because-I'm-pregnant mind. I WILL take a picture of "The Belly"this weekend, promise. Sunday is a Sunday. They're all the same.

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Dad said...

Great pages. This will be a great scrapbook of memories!