Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday Night...

we had the pleasure of inviting Tacky the Penguin into our home. Vada was very excited about this project and took it as far as sleeping with Tacky in her arms all night. He came packed inside an ice cooler along with an oreo for each member of our family. Vada wrote about throwing him in the air and catching him, eating dinner with him, brushing her teeth with him, and sleeping with him. We flipped through my most recent issue of Spin magazine and cut out all of the P's we could find and glued them to the page. It was a fun little project and probably one of Vada's favorites so far this year.

Coming up, she has her Famous Americans performance in which she will be acting out Harriet Tubman. Not enough time to have my mom or grandmother make her a dress, so I'm praying that I can find something at our local Savers that will work (crossing fingers).

Man, I didn't realize how much work there could be for a parent of a kindergartner. All of these performances, projects, activities, etc. I don't even want to know what I have to look forward to for first grade and so on.

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