Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Check it

Here are my new kicks. I’ve been delaying the purchase of some new slip-on Vans because of the fact that I don’t “need” them. I mean, I have a perfectly good pair of black and white chucks that accommodate my feet every Friday through Sunday. But, as we were outlet shopping in Vacaville, CA this weekend (our little anniversary trip – 2 years=cotton so we figured clothes shopping covered it) we happened upon the Vans outlet shop. We walked through those doors into the crowded shop with full intentions to buy Vada a new pair of slips-ons (though she just got her current pair to cool status with the fat holes on top, they were getting a little snug in the toe region). But, as we browsed the confines of this fine shop and its treasures these little beauties took advantage of me and my weakness. I couldn’t resist. And we almost bought the bun in the oven little checkered booties, but I figured it was stupid to pay the $20-or-so bucks they cost when the little munchkin wont even be walking before it out-grows them. We did manage to buy some size 4 Velcro chucks for my little pumpkin pie #2 though. It should be walking by the time it’s wearing those gems.

In other news, Vada’s cough just wasn’t going away; it was actually getting worse, so I took her to the doctor on Monday. Its official, she has non-wheezing bronchitis. Glad I took her when I did. I was contemplating on waiting till Friday to take her in if she was still coughing then, but she was just so miserable. Usually I take her and the doc doesn’t do anything but tell me to mix a little honey with a wedge of lemon juice. Thanks doc, I’m glad I just paid you $10 so you could tell me that. Now I wonder how big of a jerk he must feel like for telling me that a few weeks ago, and come to find out she now has bronchitis. She has 9 days left of antibiotics and mucinex and then hopefully she will be back to normal. Poor baby.

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