Friday, February 27, 2009


Alright folks, I’m feeling rather chatty this morning, so please forgive me if this post is overwhelmingly long.

With Kyle just about done with his BA and sending his resumes off to several different states around the US, I cannot keep my mind from dreaming of where we might end up next. Will we stay in Reno for the time being? Or will we end up in Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, etc? I’m praying for Arizona so I can finish school without having to worry about credits transferring, and so we can be near more of my family (minus my parents - sniff), but everything happens for a reason…or so I’m telling myself. In addition to dreaming about our location, I’ve also been fantisizing about my dream house. I know we probably wont get it the first time around, but eventually we will. But whichever house we move into, old or new, I will definitely be making some major changes to the interior.

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For the longest time I was very anti-chalkboard wall paint, no matter how popular it was (and still is). I mean, you sit there and tell your toddlers not to color on the walls but yet you tell them this wall is okay? They’re toddlers, they don’t get the difference between this wall and that one. I am changing my thought process on that though. I don’t want my kids to feel as if they are walking on glass in their own house. “No drinks on the carpets,” “don’t touch the walls because you’ll get them dirty,” “no running in the house because if you bump that cabinet and break my china you’re in for it,” “don’t touch my stainless steel frig with your dirty, slimy fingers.” No, I had friends whose houses were like that and I hated being there. I would have to say that I was pretty blessed to have the lenient parents that I did. They understand that kids are kids and if one of them takes a crayon to the wall then you just clean it off the best you can and paint over what you can’t get. I want a home that’s comfortable like that. Not that I'm going to tell my kids that coloring on the walls is okay, but I'm going to be understanding when it happens. And I'm actually liking the idea of having a chalkboard wall.

Also an image jacked from Flickr - The Squeeze In

A little over a year ago we decided to check out this little breakfast place down the street called The Squeeze In (they also have one in Truckee). Totally awesome omelets (an endless variety) and the interior is amazing! The moment I walked in there I knew that it had the feel that I want our home to have. Completely relaxed and welcoming. You could knock your glass of OJ onto the floor (by accident of course) and they wouldn’t make a big stink about it. You are greeted by a basket of multi-colored sharpies as soon as you walk through the door and you are more than welcome to scribble to your hearts desire on whichever wall you choose (they cover up anything inappropriate with a Squeeze In bumper sticker). Most of their tables have glass cut to fit and you can slide pictures, concert tickets, business cards, whatever will fit underneath. None of their furniture matches, but yet does because it doesn’t. They have a refrigerator front near the bathrooms covered in random stickers. Totally laid back. Who can complain about that?! This is how I want my house to be. Maybe we won’t go as far as writing on ALL the walls, but who knows?

Moving on, as much as I would love to be an excellent cook who can put together fabulous meals, I guess it’s just not in my list of talents. You’re probably thinking: Oh great, what did she screw up this time? Rest assured, I made my just-throw-it-in the-oven-salmon from Costco just fine last night. Same with the frozen apple cobbler this morning (well, almost burnt the crust, but saved it just in time). But my idiot self went to grab a piece of foil that had fallen off the pan and managed to scorch her thumb on the edge. I do that. It drives me crazy. I’ve even grabbed a pan that just came out of the oven with bare hands, not even thinking. I was not meant to be in the kitchen. And now for the next few days anytime I put my hand under lukewarm water or touch it in any way I’m going to be reminded of my stupidity by the throbbing pain that hurts worse than when I actually burnt it. Oh, and by the way, I am totally addicted to Tree Top fruit snacks. YUM!

Before I go, may I mention that tonight is Vada’s Famous American’s Performance. I had a heck of a time trying to find an outfit that looked similar to what Harriet Tubman wore. Still didn’t do that great of a job, but it’s going to have to work. Tune in tomorrow to see pictures!

Have a dandy Friday!

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